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SRIVISWA is a prominent name in higher and competitive education in the areas of IIT-JEE /NEET ENGINEERING & MEDICAL ENTRANCE Exams. Founded IN 2018, with each passing year we have achieved new milestone. It is said that success doesn't come overnight but SRI VISWA proved otherwise. Since the inception in 2019 SRI VISWA has been a phenomenal success. Growing from a single campus to many with thousands of students in the short span of three years holds a mirror to the fact. It can be attributed to the student-centric academic approach implemented by the friendly faculty. The proportion of successful students in getting MBBS seats is about 40% and more than 15% of students obtaining seats in NITs and IITs is unparalleled. Our vast experience in training students for various competitive exams like NEET, JEE Mains and Advanced brought to light certain shortcomings observed in the students. The lack of proper basics and conceptual strength in the school education often reflects in the poor performance in the competitive exams. Keeping this in mind SRI VISWA has decided to provide the right platform and foundation by starting a high school where students will be provided with the necessary tools to bring out their intrinsic talents.

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